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CIT Self-paced Lab Courses

Starting in Fall 2005, Evergreen Valley College offers the following courses as self-paced lab courses rather than lecture/lab courses.

Programming Courses

Instructor-assisted lab sessions meet from 6:00 to 10:40 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Linux/UNIX Courses

Instructor-assisted lab sessions meet from 6:00 to 10:40 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Instead of a single three-unit course, the courses are divided into three one-unit parts, each five weeks in length. Here’s how the schedule is set up. The schedule section number is listed in square brackets under the part name. Each of the classes listed above has an A, B, and C part.

Sep 7–Oct 10 Oct 12–Nov 14 Nov 16–Dec 19
Option 1: A
Option 2:
Option 3:

Option 4: B

You have a great deal of flexibility as to when and how you take the courses.

Option 1
If you want to start right away, sign up for part A (section 201) starting in September, part B (section 202) starting in October, and part C (section 202) starting in November. [That’s not a misprint–it really is section 202 for part C.]
Option 2
If the beginning of the semester isn’t the right time, you can start the course later on. Sign up for part A (section 202) starting in October and part B (section 203) starting in November.
Option 3
You can even wait until the last five weeks and start with part A (section 203) in November.
Option 4
You’ve had experience with the course material before, so you’d prefer to start at an intermediate level at the beginning of the semester. Sign up for part B (section 201) and part C (section 201). If you’re taking this option, check with the instructor to make sure you are registered at the right level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to take part B immediately after part A?

A: No. If you know that the middle five weeks of the semester are busy for you, sign up for part A during the first five weeks and part B during the last five weeks.

Q: What if I finish the material in less than five weeks?

A: Just continue on with the next part. We’ll get all the registration details figured out.

Q: What if it takes me more than five weeks?

A: Not a problem. Complete the course before the end of the semester and you will receive the grade at that time.

Q: Do I need to come to the school to do the work?

A: Yes. You will log in and out on the timekeeper computer. Lab attendance provides you with individualized instructional assistance.

Q: Will there be lectures?

A: The schedule of short topic lectures will be posted at the beginning of the semester. Video lectures will be available for many of the sections.

Q: Will there be discussion groups?

A: Yes, discussion groups will be scheduled. Let your instructor know if you would like to have a specific topic discussed.

Q: Will I be working on my own or will I have an instructor?

A: Instructors and lab assistants will be available to assist you in developing skills to make you successful in the course.

Q: What topics will be covered in each part of each course?

A: Go to the list of topics for Visual Basic, Perl, Java, UNIX/Linux Introduction, UNIX/Linux Shell Programming, and UNIX/Linux System Administration.

For Further Information

Contact Sally Chumbley at 274-7900, x6628, or email sally.chumbley@evc.edu; or Ponny Saravanan at 408-274-7900, x6434, or email ponny.saravanan@evc.edu.