CIT 010 - Fall 2015 - Evergreen Valley College

J. David Eisenberg ( Phone: 274-7900 x6577
Office Hours (Room R3-323):
4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday, Thursday
Course Description

This course is an examination of information systems in business. Students will focus on information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, computer systems hardware and software components. Application of these concepts and methods will be through hands-on projects developing computer-based solutions to business problems.

Course Lecture Content
  1. Information systems concepts
  2. Communication and network concepts, systems, and applications
  3. Internet usage; e-business systems
  4. System infrastructure concepts
  5. System and Application software programs and concepts
  6. Information systems security, crime, and ethics 
  7. Types of information systems and their roles in business
  8. Systems development life cycle
  9. Organization and management of structured and unstructured data using spreadsheets and database tools
  10. Electronic spreadsheet development
  11. Using database software
  12. Web technologies
Course Lab Content
  1. Introduction to use of Personal Computer Operating System
  2. Using electronic mail and Internet Searching
  3. Word Processing Software
  4. Spreadsheet Software
  5. Database Management Software
  6. Presentation Software
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Describe existing and emerging technologies and their impact on organizations and society.
  2. Describe the development and use of information systems in business.
  3. Solve common business problems using appropriate Information Technology applications and systems.
  4. Discuss the components required for communications with other computers
  5. Explain how data is managed and the different approaches to managing that data.
  6. List the characteristics of various different input and output devices
Course Prerequisite

Information Systems for Business and Beyond, Bourgeouis, D. T. (2014)

Other online materials as required
Critical Thinking Objectives
Students will evaluate and summarize articles on changes in technology and predict how thoese changes will affect their computing needs in the future.

This class consists of lecture and lab. The instructor will be present to assist you during the lab. You may work on assignments in the lab or use your own computers. In order to complete assignments, you may also need to work on them outside the scheduled laboratory periods. All quizzes will be taken online at Moodle

The final will take place on Saturday, 12 December 2015.


You will be assigned several lab projects involving the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software.


You will have regular quizzes and one final. If you miss a quiz, you cannot make it up (except in case of emergency), and you will receive a score of 50%. Chapter quizzes will be timed.


You will regularly be required to read articles about technology and prepare written summaries.


You are required to attend classes. If you decide to drop the class, it is your responsibility to do so. Five absences/tardies will cause you to lose points towards your grade. Please notify the instructor if you know of an absence in advance.


The work on the tests and exercises will be weighted and combined to calculate your final grade as follows:

Lab Assignments:35%
Final Exam:15%
90% and aboveA
Less than 60%F
Good Practices

Students will be expected to log on to Moodle at least once a week to be informed of upcoming due dates of assignments/exams and quizzes as well as to receive emails from their instructor.

Withdrawal Information
The last day to drop a class and receive a "W" symbol is November 20, 2015. This is handled through Admissions and Records and is the responsibility of the student. If a student does not drop the course, and stops attending, a grade will be assigned for any coursework turned in.

Writing and assignments are to be submitted prior to the end of the date due. If turned in late, you will receive reduced credit; one letter grade per week late up to two weeks, after which the instructor reserves the option to grade it or not. The final exam is required. Discussion about assignments is encouraged, but you must each do your own work. Cheating and plagiarism will be met with an F on the assignment and is subject to having the course grade lowered by one letter grade. See the EVC catalog for details on the College Honesty Policy as well as the student disciplinary and grievance procedures.

If you have learning or physical needs that require special accommodations, plese let me know as soon as possible.


Email that I send to the entire class through Moodle will go to your email address listed in your Moodle profile. You must check that the Moodle email address is correct and that my emails do not end up in your spam folder or junk mail. I will not make any exceptions for anyone who does not receive an email that I have sent out to the entire class because their email address is incorrect.

I will do my best to answer emails within 24 hours if not sooner except on weekends.

Course Outline

Note: the pace at which we will cover these subjects may deviate from this printed schedule. Your mileage may vary. Assignments are listed on the day that they are due.

Digital Storage

Week Subject Assignment

12 Sep

Procedural matters
Introduction to Computers

19 Sep

The Internet

26 Sep

Computers and Mobile Devices

Word Processing Lab 1

3 Oct

Programs and Apps

10 Oct

Digital Safety and Security

17 Oct

Inside Computers

Word processing Lab 2

24 Oct

31 Oct

Information and Data Management

Spreadsheet Lab

7 Nov

Veteran’s Day—No class

14 Nov

Communications and Networks

21 Nov

Operating Systems

Database Lab

28 Nov

Thanksgiving Holiday–No class

5 Dec


Presentation Lab

12 Dec

Final Exam