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Word Processing 1

The object of this assignment is to take some plain text and use a word processing program to make it look better. Here is the text that you should copy and paste into your Word document

Evergreen Valley College

"Only the educated are free" - Epictetus

Application for Admission

All new, returning, high school, and transfer students must complete a formal application for admission prior to registering. Applications are available at the Office of Admissions and Records, online at Paper applications must be completed and submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.

State legislation has suspended the use of the Social Security Number as a student identifier. A unique college ID number is automatically assigned to EVC student records at the time an admissions application is submitted. Students will be required to use this ID number for all services with the college. This number is also printed on the Student ID card which is used for access to the library and other student services.

Maximum Unit Load

Regular students are restricted each semester to a maximum load of 18 units during a regular semester or 7 units during a summer or January intersession session.

Important Dates in Fall Semester 2014

Last day to drop a class and apply for a refund of all eligible fees: 15 September.
Last day to drop a fall REGULAR session class and receive a "W" on record: 21 November.
Thanksgiving Holiday: 27-30 November.
End of fall semester: 18 December.

To copy the text, drag across it with the mouse, then select Copy from the Edit menu. In Microsoft Word, choose Paste Special from the Home ribbon, and choose the Unformatted Text option from the dialog box.

If you don’t want to copy and paste, then you may download this unformatted document and use it as your starting point.

Now apply the following formatting to the text:

This is what the document should look like when it is finished. Some of the blank space at the bottom of the page has been eliminated to make the graphic smaller.

Upload the finished file to Moodle. Please name your file in the form:


For example, if your name is Joe Doakes, your filename would be doakes_joe_1.docx. Do not put blanks in your filename, and please use all lowercase letters. If your file is not named properly, it will not be graded.