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Writing Errors

Don’t worry if your writing isn’t perfect. Here’s a list of errors found while proofreading a book to be published by a company well-known for its technical books. This list was prepared after the author had told the editor, “I’ve finished the book and found most of the errors.”

Chapter 1
Preceded word "Illustrator" with "Adobe"

Chapter 2
Viewport, first sentences, before:
    The size of the area of the canvas that your document intends to
    use is called the viewport. You establish this viewport with the...
    The area of the canvas that your document intends to 
    use is called the viewport.
    You establish the size of this viewport with the...

Added word: "grid lines are considered to _be_ infinitely thin..."

First sentence of "Specifying Alignment for preserveAspectRatio" has
weird word order.

Added some words after Table 2-1 saying that this is all very abstract,
and some concrete examples are really required to show how it works.
(Is joke: The FBI has been looking for Jimmy Hoffa for decades, but
they haven't found anything concrete yet.)


Chapter 3
Stroke color, first sentence: change "a stroke color" to "the stroke color".

Get rid of the mongoose joke (possible copyright issues). Too bad; it was a good joke.
Circles and ellipses - before:
    If any radius is given as zero, no shape will be displayed,
    and it is an error to provide a negative radius.
    If the radius is zero, no shape will be displayed;
    it is an error to provide a negative radius.

"Example 3.8 draws these, shown in Figure 3.9." -->
"Example 3.8 draws some circles and ellipses which are shown in Figure 3.9"

Polyline "...series of lines that does not make up a closed shape" -->
"...series of lines that does not make a closed shape"

Got rid of "um, round" in description of stroke-linejoin; now reads:
   ...which may have the values miter (pointed),
   round (round--what did you expect?), or bevel (flat)

Chapter 4
Changed introductory paragraph; "stark contrast" --> "compare and

In discussion of external stylesheets, changed passive
"if ever a change needs to be made" to "if you ever need to make
a global change to all the documents."

Chapter 5
In the introductory paragraph, get rid of the words "as though"
in "as though moved to a new location, rotated, or scaled." Technically,
the objects _aren't_  moving, rotating, or growing, but I'm not sure
that the text should broach the subject so early.

Change "the center of rotation ... is presumed to be the (0, 0) point"
to "the center of presumed to be (0, 0).

Added another footnote on the rotated square to remind readers that
this isn't an animation; it's a static picture of two different squares,
one rotated, one not.

Chapter 6
First paragraph: bad transition.
  "You will normally use the path element to draw ... any arbitrary shape" -->
  "The path element is more general; it draws .. any arbitrary shape"

Amplified the discussion of the path element's d attribute, and put it in
a <note> so that it's clearly separate from the next topic. Before:
    It's made compact so that a complex graphic will require less
    bandwidth to transmit and will take up less memory when read
    into a Document Object Model structure by an XML parser.
    Because the entire path data is contained in one attribute rather
    than an individual element for each point or line segment, a path
    takes up less memory when read into a Document Object Model structure
    by an XML parser. Additionally, a path's compact notation allows a
    complex graphic to be transmitted without requiring a great deal of
(I'm still not happy with the last sentence, but I'm not sure how to fix it.)

Change "an solid triangle" to "a solid triangle"

Example 6.5 - change >/defs> to </defs>

Example 6.7 narrative from the vague "disappointing result" to 
the more specific "result which draws the first marker correctly,
but not the others."


Chapter 7
Change "the quadratic curve from Example 7.1. as our tile" to
"the quadratic curve drawn by the SVG in Example 7.1 as our tile"

Unclear pronoun reference:
   "Rather than duplicate them into each linearGradient element..." -->
   "Rather than duplicate the stops into each linearGradient element..."

Moved parenthesized expression to end of phrase:
  "starting point (which has the 0% stop color) of the vector"  -->
  "starting point of the vector (which has the 0% stop color)"

Chapter 8

Text-alignment: narrative for example 8.3; starting X is 100, not 20!

Completed the sentence starting
    "Although Figure 8.9. doesn't show it, the effects..."

To improve connectivity, changed the breakpoint between sentences starting:
   "In Figure 8.10., the subscripted numbers appear too large..."
There were too many commas in:
    "Sometimes, though, you will want the letters to appear, unrotated,
    above one another."
I changed it to:
    "Sometimes, though, you will want the letters to appear in a vertical
    column with no rotation."
I'm not thrilled with that wording either, so I left the original and
an alternate inside XML comments. It's at about line 760 of ch08.xml

Added a sentence in section on vertical text being spaced too widely:
   "Setting a small negative value for letter-spacing
   solves this problem."
The switch Element - word "display" appears twice in first sentence.

Eliminated incorrect comma after "children" in
   "Once a matching child element is found, all of its
   children will be displayed."

The comma from the last error was recycled and inserted at
the end of the phrase "break a tie".

Section "Using a Custom Font" - first sentence is a fragment.

   "That having been done, Example 8.13 can reference the font
   from another SVG file"
    "Once that is done, Example 8.13 can reference the font in
    that external file."
Text on a path: change "an textPath element" to "a textPath element".
In the Note, the word "them" has been replaced with "the paths" to
eliminate a vague pronoun reference.

Whitespace section: "...the xml:space _attribute_."

Added another bit about SVG 1.0 not having newlines (per Antoine Quint):
  "There is no newline in SVG 1.0; this bothers people 
  until they realize that SVG text is oriented towards
  graphic display, not textual content (as in XHTML)."


Chapter 9
Introductory paragraph: binoculars have eyepieces, not an eyepiece.


Chapter 10
How Filters Work: Too many "it"s and not enough referents in the
first sentence.

Same with the paragraph starting "When SVG encounters
the flower..."; problem solved by de-anthropomorphizing. The last
sentence in the paragraph still has passive voice in it, but it seems to work.

Added "with a filter" to the phrase "...better-looking drop shadow".

Deleted noise words "at this point" in "We could get the effect we
want at this point, by putting the flower...."

Changed "But" at beginning of sentence to "However, that would require SVG..."

Rewrote the first paragraph of feColorMatrix, which was distressingly 
vague and unhelpful.

Added text between underscores:
   SVG's feImage _element_ lets you use any JPG, PNG, or SVG
   _file; or an SVG element_ with an id attribute as input to a filter.

feComposite filter; first paragraph: text is overusing "Up to this point" so
I replaced it with "So far" and eliminated the comma. The copyeditor will
probably go nuts with how schizoid I am about comma rules, and wonder how
I can be so consistent in using semicolons.

Got rid of "and dead" in description of a green circle
"lying flat and dead on the screen."

Comments for line 25 of specularLighting example:  changed
"the output is a contains" to "the output contains".

Added trailing comma in:
   "A third type of light source, feSpotLight, is specified..."

Added word "which" after limitingConeAngle to preserve some semblance of
parallel structure.

Added a sentence to ease the transition that introduces edgeMode (for
feConvolveMatrix); also changed the vague "duplicates the
edge values in any direction it needs" to "duplicates the edge values
in the required direction"

Sentence starting "Though they are not designed for specifically for SVG,
sample convolve effects..." restructured to avoid a missing antecedent.
Changed to: "Some sample convolve effects (which
were not designed specifically for SVG) are available at..."

Got rid of unnecessary comma after "zero" in discussion of baseFrequency

Chapter 11
Paragraph one: eliminated comma after "Up to this point".
Changed comma to semicolon after "interact with the image"

Paragraph two: eliminated useless comma after the first phrase.

In section on Repeated Action: changed
   "repeatDur [tells] how long the repetition should occur"
   "repeatDur [tells] how long the repetition should last" 

Added a clarifying phrase at the beginning of animateTransform 
section to answer the unspoken question, "Similarly to _what_?"

In honor of Nancy Reagan, got rid of phrase "hopelessly addicted" at the
start of animateMotion section.

Example 11.13 is wrong; the <animateMotion> belongs outside the
<circle>, not inside.

Scripting and animation together: Paragraph starting 
"Instead, we will use scripting..." has been rephrased, because it
didn't have an antecedent (instead of _what_?). 

Fixed a really ugly tense shift in the paragraph beginning
"In this example, the moveControlPoints didn't need any parameters..."

Chapter 12
Added comma after words "XML format" in second paragraph.

Callout 7 in the Perl example, added word "and minimum" in description of
x coordinate.

Replaced snide footnote about subsetting MathML with a URL to the
w3c page for MathML.

In Java example, there are too many commas around 
"in this case the standard output." I've replaced them with em-dashes.

Callout 5 for ProcessDocument(); change "we find to find" to
"we need to find".

Added a comma to callout 7 before "or an operator symbol." Bet the
copy-editor takes it out as technically unnecessary, but I thought it
reads better that way.

Callout 6 for stringInfo() -- which should probably be called
getStringInfo, but I'm not going to go back and fix it here -- got rid
of the seemingly repetitive "in this case" and added comma before
"which is also Java-based".

XSLT example, Reports template: added stroke: black; to the style
in the <path>

For the SYG template description; changed "second call" to
"third call"; changed "pass it as a parameter" to "set it".

In "Extending XSLT with Java", first paragraph, eliminated
phrase "which say that"

Changed "you must include the directory where your class file lives in
the classpath that you give to Xalan" to "the classpath that you give
to Xalan must include the directory where your class file lives."

Next to last paragraph: the XSLT creates overlapping SVG descriptions;
the SVG doesn't create it, and "on top of each other" reads better if
changed to "on top of the other."

Changed "Chapter eight of this marvelous book" to
"Chapter eight of that marvelous book" so it's clear that text refers to
XSLT by Tidwell.

Chapter 13
Introductory paragraph: got rid of "or" in "for print, or for conversion..."

Added "separated by vertical bars" to description of the <select> menu
on the web page.

Added underlined word in comments on localhost:
   "you _will_ change this depending upon the _server,_ server software,
   and servlet container that you're using."

Callout 2 for Weather servlet: eliminated "will" in
   "servlets will are stored"

Callout 4 for Weather servlet: changed "was been" to "was".

Appendix A
Got rid of word "then" in "Rest assured, then, that SVG does have a DTD..."

Corrected "nkowing" to "knowing".

Appendix B
pronoun agreement: changed "it" to "them" in the phrase
   "you would take the specifiers...and put it into"

Phrase "to only" becomes "only" in first sentence of "Style Selector Classes"
and removed unnecessary comma before "as follows".

Appendix C
Split up a potentially run-on sentence starting, "We're under no illusion..."

In section on mathematical operations, corrected commentary for line 5
to replace "book" with "door".

In description of "for" loops, got rid of a vague pronoun reference when
talking about drawing arrows.

Appendix D
Changed passive voice "that are used behind the scenes in SVG." to
"that SVG uses 'behind the scenes.'"

Figures 6, 7, and 8 are wrong (the ones for matrix multiplication).
1 * 7 + 2 * 8 + 3 * 9 is 50, not 49.
Appendix E
In description of font-face, replaced "panoply" with "immense number"
to avoid problems for translators. 

Appendix F
Changed "You also must specify" to "You must also specify".
Changed "This calls, obviously, for other measures" to
    "Obviously, this calls for...
line 22
    As you learn it and use SVG,... -->
    As you learn and use SVG,...

line 549
  This element has been designed to use make specifying a path... -->
  This element has been designed to make specifying a path...

line 193 - replace comma with semicolon
   aren't in the SVG, they simply show the area -->
   aren't in the SVG; they simply show the area
lines 430-431 - bad verb form
   Then it draws the rectangle again, but do the...  -->
   Then it draws the rectangle again, but does the   

Page 16
    Coordinates (10,50) should be (10,10)
Page 18
    The word "a" appears alone between two illustrations; it
    belongs before the word "centimeter".
Page 46
    Missing doublequote in title "Anatomy of a Style."

Page 69
    Item 1 at bottom of page: italicize "y" in "y-coordinate".
Page 84
    Add comma for last item in series:
        ...its x-radius and y-radius, the starting angle, and the...

Page 103
    Remove words "some of" in last paragraph, line one.
        ...thought may have occurred to some of you: -->
        ...thought may have occurred to you:

Page 110
    Remove words "some of" in paragraph starting "Again, the thought..."

        ...thought may have occurred to some of you: -->
        ...thought may have occurred to you:

Page 191
    Change "Busby Berkeley" to "Broadway" for two reasons:
    1) I am not sure if I spelled Berkeley correctly.
    2) His name is too heavily tied to American culture, and won't
       be recognized by techies from outside USA, or by any techies
       who aren't old enough.
    (Unless you foonote his name and explain who he was.)

Page 204
    Footnote is missing a period at end of sentence.

Page 213
    Last line of note: should we replace the words
    "the explanatory narrative applies to both" with
    "the explanations apply to both"?

Page 250
    Last line; misplaced apostrophe:
        the stations' full name. -->
        the station's full name.

Page 268
    Cross-chapter reference; at end of first line:
        ...the graphic presented in the section... -->
        ...the graphic presented in Chapter 12, the section...

Page 279
    Third line from end of page (starting "Sending back the JPG..."),
    change semicolon to colon:
        ...JPG and PNG requires one extra step; invoking the... -->
        ...JPG and PNG requires one extra step: invoking the...
Page 312
    Vague pronoun reference (very minor problem), in first paragraph:
        The plus sign is the only one that works with... -->
        The plus sign is the only operator that works with...

Page 320
    Paragraph under subhead "Matrix Addition" loses repetitive phrase:
        Figure D-3 shows an example showing the addition of two... -->
        Figure D-3 shows the addition of two...
    Last paragraph:
        For example, Figure D-4 matrix addition would... -->
        For example, the matrix addition in Figure D-4 would...

Page 326
    Last line of next-to-last paragraph:
    equally well by pre-multiplying pixel manipulation... --> equally well when pre-multiplying pixel manipulation...

Chapter 1
Page 2
    Last sentence has vague pronoun reference.  Reword to:
        A fax machine, for example, doesn't care what you've drawn; it
        simply transmits pixels from one place to another in raster form.

Page 8
    Just above Example 1-3, you need to add the appropriate angle
      The <?xml...?> and <!DOCTYPE> have been omitted to save space
      in the listing.
Page 9
    First paragraph, end of line starting "A line is specified..." has
    a missing parenthesis after y2. I can't believe we've missed that
    through all these readings.
Chapter 2
Page 15
    Get rid of angle brackets around <px>

Page 19
    Figure 2-4 has house at the wrong coordinates; its left edge should
    line up with the 10 on the x-axis.

Page 24
    First paragraph, remove "blue" in sentence starting:
        Rather than drawing the blue rectangles, then rescaling... -->
        Rather than drawing the rectangles, then rescaling...

Page 25
    Word change; last paragraph starting "Now, add another <svg> element"
    may also specify the x and y coordinates  --> may also specify the x and y attributes

Chapter 3
Page 42
    Add comma after "3-2" in last line on page:  "All of these
    characteristics, summarized in Table 3-2, are presentation
    properties, and go...."
Chapter 4
Page 45
    First line: change "discussed" to "mentioned".
Page 47
    In "External Stylesheets", insert word "and" in the parentheses.
    The word "and" should be normal text, not constant width.
        ...between the beginning and ending style tags
        (excluding the <![CDATA[ and ]]>) and save it in an external...

Page 49
    Can we change the head "Grouping and Referencing Objects"
    to "Document Structure - Grouping and Referencing Objects" or
    would that overflow the line width?
Page 52
    Change sentence starting "By putting the grouped objects..." to
        By putting the grouped objects between the beginning and
        ending <defs> tags, you instruct SVG to define them....
Page 54
    Sentence starting "Example 4-7 shows that the width and height..."
    add words shown here in underscores, and eliminate parentheses
    on last sentence.
        Example 4-7 shows that the width and height are ignored for a simple
        group _(the top two octagons)_, but are used when displaying a
        symbol. The edges of the lower right octagon in Figure 4-7 are cut
        off because the preserveAspectRatio _attribute_ has been set to 

Page 56
    Omit word "be" in callout 5:

        "...original picture; it will be appear stretched ... -->
        "...original picture; it will appear stretched ...
    In footnote, you need a comma after the number "10."

Chapter 5
Page 61
    Remove the footnote; it really louses up the pacing of the
    narrative if you read it.
Chapter 6
Page 77
    Last word on page becomes "is"

        Notice that the use of commas and whitespace as separators is...
Page 82
    Next to last paragraph; put in parentheses and rephrase, since the
    preceding diagram is now on the next page!
        (Figure 6-4 is adapted from the one found in section 8.38 of the
        World Wide Web Consortium's SVG specification.)

Page 99
    Eliminate "simply" in last sentence of first paragraph:
    a <defs> element simply because that's where reusable... --> a <defs> element because that's where reusable...

Page 100
    Eliminate double "and" in last paragraph, first sentence:
        ...which adds the triangular marker and and references it... -->
        ...which adds the triangular marker and references it...

Chapter 7
Page 110
    Rephrase in paragraph starting "Again, the thought..."
        ...there are some effects you just can't easily get without... -->
        ...there are some effects you can't easily achieve without...

Page 114
    Last line: eliminate word "black"
        A black line showing the original transition line... -->
        A line showing the original transition line...
Chapter 8
Page 127
    Last two words on page ("tabula rasa") should be replaced with plain
    English "blank slate" - if you decide to leave it in Latin, then
    set it in italics.
Page 129
    First paragraph; move last sentence starting "The lack of a newline..."
    just after sentence ending "...SVG never displays newline characters
    in text."

Page 130
    note should become a warning.

    Last sentence: eliminate word "style"
        In an ideal case we'd set the font-size style as well... -->
        In an ideal case we'd set the font-size as well...

Page 140
    Yet another note that should become a warning. (This is in marked
    contrast to the C# Essentials book, which had _only_ notes, since
    no Microsoft product would have warnings <grin>)

Chapter 10
Page 154
    First paragraph; bad verb form -- "be rendering" becomes "render":
        ...graphic object, it will be rendering the object to... -->
        ...graphic object, it will render the object to...

Page 155
    Sentence starting "If you give two numbers..."; change as shown.
    The word "stdDeviation" should be set in constant width.
        ...separated by whitespace as an attribute value, the... -->
        ...separated by whitespace as the value for stdDeviation, the...
Page 163
    Eliminate phrase "without affecting the flower's green stem as greatly"
    at end of first paragraph. That doesn't make any sense; the filter
    isn't being applied to the flower at all.
Page 164
    The graph isn't quite accurate, so let's just change the wording
    at the end of the first paragraph:
        ...will increase only 60% to 0.8. -->
        ...will increase only 80% to 0.9.

Page 179
    Damn that azimuth! Change sentence in paragraph under "Line 24";
    note the change of a comma to a semicolon. The result will be:
        ...the azimuth specifies the angle of the light in the plane of
        the screen; whether it's to the left...

Page 183
    Example 10-13, missing quotemark in <g> element:
        Before:  <g id="flower>
        After:   <g id="flower">

Chapter 11
Page 192
    First paragraph, change "example" to "animation"
        Example 11-1 is a simple example with line numbers... -->
        Example 11-1 is a simple animation with line numbers...

Page 204
    In the note paragraph, last line, change "values" to "value":
        Thus, onclick is an attribute whose values specifies... -->
        Thus, onclick is an attribute whose value specifies...

Page 205
    Text near end of page starting "The leading slashes introduce..."
    should read "The leading slashes on line 16 introduce..."
Page 209
    Callout 4 explanation should add word "function":
        The transformShirt also calls on... -->
        The transformShirt function also calls on...

Page 219
    Callout 4 (as shown in the QC1 printout); change placement of
        When the animation begins, (onbegin) we call ... ->
        When the animation begins (onbegin), we call ...

Page 223
    Add word "function" to sentence in paragraph after Figure 11-14:
        In this example, the moveControlPoints didn't need... -->
        In this example, the moveControlPoints function didn't need...

    Add "would" at end of paragraph after Figure 11-14:
        ...we add them at the end of our call to set up the... -->
        ...we would add them at the end of our call to set up the...

Page 224
    In the listing, change:
        Before:  clearTimeout( timer );
        After:   clearInterval( timer );
    Last paragraph, replace first sentence with:
        Though the preceding example was a simple one, this
        technique has great power.
    Then eliminate "though," in the last sentence:
        If you're doing simple animation, though, we... -->
        If you're doing simple animation, we...

Chapter 12
Page 225
    Add comma in line 6 after "SVG":
        ...graphic tool that outputs SVG or they will take... -->
        ...graphic tool that outputs SVG, or they will take...

    Last line of second paragraph:
        ...take advantage of libraries of XML parsers... -->
        ...take advantage of freely available XML parsers...

Page 226
    Line three:
        ...convert an XML-wrapped aeronautical... -->
        ...convert an XML-formatted aeronautical...

Page 231:
    End of page -  get rid of phrase "unless specified otherwise" and
    add period at end of statement; result will be:
        ...all the elements are container elements.

Page 245
    Callout 6 explanation - add word "the":
        constructTextNode calls stringInfo function... -->
        constructTextNode calls the stringInfo function

Page 250
    Put a space between "6" and "PM" Also, change "AM" and "PM" to
    "A.M." and "P.M." as per the style guide.

Page 251
    Last bullet item - replace "this" with "the following":
        To process the <Reports> element, type this into a... -->
        To process the <Reports> element, type the following into a...

Page 253

    At end of page, add "whatever" to next to last line:
        ...find any child <SYN> elements and generate its... -->
        ...find any child <SYN> elements and generate whatever its...

Page 256
    Callout 3, change "height" to "tint"; keep it in constant width.
        We must set the height variable conditionally. -->
        We must set the tint variable conditionally.
    Last paragraph, line three at end:
        ...visibility bar; they'll be added... -->
        ...visibility bar; they'll be completed...

Page 261
    First paragraph after subhead "Extending XSLT in Java", end of
    second line -- a truly unfortunate hyphenation. Change "times-tamp"
    to "time-stamp".

Chapter 13
Page 269
    Add "select menu" at beginning of line two:
        each option consists of the... -->
        each select menu option consists of the...

Page 270
    Line three of paragraph beginning "Let us now turn our attention" -
    change comma to semicolon after HTML:
        This servlet merely creates HTML, it doesn't... -->
        This servlet merely creates HTML; it doesn't...

Page 284
    Grammar nit on line 5 of first paragraph - "both" implies two,
    but there are three things that Tomcat does.
        ...serving both web pages, servlets, and JavaServer Pages. -->
        ...serving web pages, servlets, and JavaServer Pages.
    Immense error in second bullet point; "an" becomes "a":
        We modified that code to create an new classpath... -->
        We modified that code to create a new classpath...

Appendix A
Page 292
    The <!-- and --> and -- in the second paragraph need to be set
    in constant width font; otherwise the two hyphens look like an
    em dash.

Page 294
    Second footnote: put a bit of extra spacing between the words
    "byte" and "is".

Page 295
    Paragraph three: in the interests of international peace and
    brotherhood etc., get rid of the words "from foreign languages".
    They may not be "foreign" to some readers.
Appendix B
Page 301
    Second paragraph, line two, change "element" to "property":
        ...that you would like that element to have. -->
        ...that you would like that property to have.
Appendix C
Page 309
    Add this after the first paragraph (possibly as a new paragraph
    itself.) Sorry to do this, but it's an important point:
        The particular programming language that we will discuss in
        this appendix is called ECMA Script. It is the standardized
        version of the JavaScript language. The concepts
        used in ECMA Script are common to many other programming
Page 311
    Paragraph under "Line 4": tighten up "right hand" to "righthand" as
    per style guide.
Page 314
    Paragraph under "Lines 6-8", rephrase and set word "tag" in Garamond.
        XML opening tag and closing tag ... -->
        XML opening and closing tag...
Page 315
    First line, change "these" to "this":
        ...sophisticated tasks with these small number... -->
        ...sophisticated tasks with this small number...

Page 317
    Poetry parsing error - change "the" to "that":
        ...the cat that killed the rat the ate the malt... -->
        ...the cat that killed the rat that ate the malt...

Appendix D
Page 323
    Foreign phrase: "There is no such thing as matrix division per se."
    Either set "per se" in italics, or change to English "as such."
Page 324
    Excessive verbiage alert in paragraph starting "What we've bought...";
    change "will be able to be" to "can be":
        ...rotation and skewing, will be able to be represented... -->
        ...rotation and skewing, can be represented

Appendix E
Page 329
    First paragraph; correct vague pronoun reference in line 5.
        ...default width of its glyphs. -->
        ...default width of the font's glyphs.
    Another little lost pronoun in first paragraph, last sentence. The
    added element should be set in constant width.
        Following this are <glyph> elements... -->
        Following the <font-face> are <glyph> elements...

    Second paragraph: change "are" to "may be":
        ...since the glyphs you need are in an already-existing... -->
        ...since the glyphs you need may be in an already-existing...
    Second paragraph, last line, add words between underscores:
        If you already have a True Type font _with the desired glyphs_,
        you are in luck.
Appendix F
Page 334
    First paragraph, line 6; again with the begin/end tags! The word
    "object" should remain set in constant width.
        ...between the opening object and closing object tags... -->
        ...between the opening and closing object tags...
    Footnote: get rid of last part of footnote, starting with words
    "In fact, namespaces are a matter of great contention." No need
    to work everyone into a lather over this.