CIT 040–Spring 2017–Evergreen Valley College

Ben Lo (

Class Policies and Outline

Assignments and Online Notes

Assignments are due at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time on the specified day. Assignments are more keyed to the on-line notes, not to the book.

AssignmentDue DateOnline Notes
Assignment 1: Intro to HTML 11 Feb 2017 Introduction
Common Errors
Validating Pages
The Editing Cycle
President’s Day 18 Feb 2017  
Assignment: Formatting Text
Practice Exercise 2
25 February 2017 Text Formatting
Assignment: Lists
Practice Exercise for Lists
4 March 2017 Attributes and Character Entities
Grouping Elements and Lists
Special note about nested lists
Assignment: Links
Example zip files 1
Example zip files 2
11 March 2017 Links (external site)
Absolute and Relative URLs
Assignment: Images
Practice zip file
18 March 2017 Images
Midterm 25 March 2017 Midterm Review
Assignment: Styles
CSS Validator
1 April 2017 Styles(1)
Assignment: Tables 8 April 2017 Tables
Page Layout
Spring Break 15 April 2017  
Assignment: Advanced Styles 22 April 2017 External Stylesheets
Assignment: Forms 29 April 2017 Forms
Work on Final Project 6 May 2017  
  13 May 2017 Final Project
Final Exam 20 May 2017