The object of this assignment is to use forms.

Read everything before doing anything.

The remaining requirements refer to the callouts (the numbers in the black circles) that you see on the following graphic image. Do not include these on your assignment; they are for your reference only!

screenshot of finished form
  1. This is a level one heading, right-aligned.

  2. The Email webmaster must be a mailto: link that sends you an email with the subject Site Feedback. (See how to do a mailto: link) The Evergreen Valley College Website link must open in a new window.

  3. These are level two headings. Their text color is #660000, and the font size must be set to 125% of normal, and they must be italic. To eliminate the extra vertical space that headings give you, add margin: 0px to the style.

  4. The value of the name= attribute for the “Name” field must be student. The “Email” field must be named email. Both fields are 30 characters wide, and allow 28 characters maximum input.

  5. The radio buttons must belong to a field whose name is age. The “18-25” button must be the default choice. The values for each of the buttons must be the same as their text:

  6. These checkboxes all belong to a field named goals. The values for each checkbox are:

  7. The name of this select menu is academic_field. It shows six entries at a time, and allows multiple selection. The options and their values are listed here, with the values in square brackets. Do not include the square brackets in your menu options.

  8. The comments area has the name comments and is five rows by fifty columns.

Here is a file that will ease the burden of typing all the text yourself.

When You Finish

Name the file form.html and put it in the assignments folder. Include a link to this file on your assignments/index.html page.