Assignment: Lists

Read everything before doing anything!

Create an HTML file named lists.html that will contain your markup.

The object of this assignment is to use lists, attributes, and character entities in HTML. In this assignment, I am giving you guidelines for the content rather than specifics. This is your opportunity to be creative.

  1. The <title> of your document must be
    Personal Information about your name goes here
  2. Start with a level one heading, with the text:
    All About your name goes here
  3. Follow this with a paragraph that tells the reader something about you. This paragraph must have at least three sentences. If you do not want to reveal any personal details about yourself, just make something up. Don’t think of it as lying; think of it as writing fiction.
  4. Follow the paragraph with a level two heading:
    Classes I'm Taking
    and this text in a paragraph:
    Here are my classes at Evergreen Valley College.
    Make sure you use a typographically correct quote in I'm.
  5. This is followed by a bulleted list giving the names of at least three classes. (If you are taking fewer than three classes, just make up something.)
  6. Put in a level two heading with the text:
    My Favorite Things
  7. Next comes a nested list. The outer list will be bulleted; the inner list will be numbered. The outer list represents general categories of things; the inner list is a list of your favorite items in that category. Have at least two items in the outer list, and each inner list must have at least two items. Here is an example (with * representing a bullet); do not copy it–make up one of your own! As shown in this example, you can add details to any entry to make it more fun or informative.
    * Animal
       1. Snake
       2. Horse
       3. Kinkajou
    * Vegetable
       1. Kohlrabi
       2. Eggplant
    * Mineral
       1. Iron Pyrite (also called “Fool’s Gold”)
       2. Feldspar (because it has a neat name)
       3. Granite
  8. A level two heading that reads
    Words & Definitions that I Like
  9. Construct a description list that has at least three entries and three descriptions. Do not copy the definitions out of a dictionary. Define them in your own words. (These do not have to be your favorite words, and they don’t even have to be real words at all.)
  10. Place a horizontal rule on the screen.
  11. In small font, put a paragraph reading:
    Copyright (c) Evergreen Valley College, San José, CA
    Use the real copyright symbol instead of (c), and put the correct accent mark over the e in San José

Your document must include a comment near the beginning that gives your name and the date. It must be in the form:

<!-- Written by Your Name Here 30 Sep 2099 -->

See a screenshot of what a finished page looks like. Do not duplicate the information! Be creative and use your own information. Your browser may use a different font and different size; don’t worry about that.

After Your Markup is Finished

IMPORTANT: If your file is not named lists.html, or if it is not in the assignments folder within the public_html folder, your assignment will NOT be graded, and it will receive a score of zero!