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Assignment: Advanced Styles

Read everything before doing anything.

The object of this assignment is to use external style sheets.

Download the file When you unzip it, it will create a directory named css_files with several HTML files and an image file.

Create a CSS file in the form lastname_firstname.css (for example, Fred Bloggs will create a file named bloggs_fred.css) and connect it to each of the HTML files. You may use either <link...> or <style type="text/css">@import...</style>.

Other than connecting the style sheet and putting in your name and the correct date in the first comment in each file, you may not change any of the HTML in the files!

Your external style sheet should implement the following:

One of the finished screens looks something like this (you may have a different font size).

When You Finish

Upload the entire css_files directory to your web site; it will be in the public_html directory, not the assignments directory!