Assignment: Formatting Text

Read everything before doing anything!

The object of this assignment is to use the text formatting elements in XHTML. Here is the text file which you should copy and paste into the <body> of your template file, then save as assignment2.html.

Here is the text, with line numbers for reference.

  1  Evergreen Valley College
  3  "Only the educated are free" - Epictetus, Discourses
  5  Welcome to EVC!
  7  Replace this paragraph with text of your own invention that
  8  welcomes students to EVC.
 10  Eligibility for Admission
 12  Any person who is 18 years of age or older1, a high school graduate,
 13  has passed the California Proficiency Examination, or holds a GED
 14  (General Educational Development) can apply for admission to
 15  Evergreen Valley College.
 17  Application for Admission
 19  All new, returning, high school, and transfer students must complete
 20  a formal application for admission prior to registering.
 22  Applications are available at the Office of Admissions and Records,
 23  in the schedule of classes, and online.  Applications must be complete
 24  and submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.
 26  The following programs have additional admissons criteria and
 27  forms, which students must complete before being admitted to these
 28  programs:
 30  Corrections
 31  Law Enforcement
 32  Nursing
 33  Honda Certificate Program
 35  Notice To All Applicants
 37  State legislation has suspended the use of the SSN (Social Security
 38  Number) as a student identifer. A unique college ID number is
 39  automatically assigned to EVC student records at the time an
 40  admissions application is submitted.  Students will be required
 41  to use this ID number for all services with the college.
 43  1 If you have been officially released from your high school district,
 44  you are eligible for admission, even if you are under 18.

Do NOT copy and paste the version with the line numbers! Copy and paste this text file instead!!!!

Here is the formatting that you should add.

This is what the solution should look like. Your lines may not break at exactly the same points as you see in this screenshot, because your screen may have a different resolution and a different window size, and your computer may have different fonts installed on it. And, of course, your welcoming paragraph must be different from mine!

You do not need the <hgroup> element for this assignment as there is no need to “group” a single heading.

After Your Markup is Finished

IMPORTANT: If your file is not named assignment2.html, or if it is not in the assignments folder within the public_html folder, your assignment will NOT be graded, and it will receive a score of zero!