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Midterm Review

  1. Which element lets you specify the character set that your document uses?

  2. Write the HTML to produce the following list:

    • Card Games
      • Blackjack
      • Solitaire
    • Board Games
      • Chess
  3. Where do you specify which “flavor” of HTML or XHTML you are using for your document?

  4. Write the HTML to draw a horizontal rule.

  5. Write the HTML to produce this text inside a paragraph. The apostrophe is a curly apostrophe, not a straight up and down one.

    Let’s speak Français.
  6. What is the HTML element you would use for a level four heading? Does it show up larger or smaller than a level five heading?

  7. Where does the <title> element go; in the head of your document or the body? Where does it show up on the screen?

  8. Which of the following are block elements, and which are inline elements? <em> <h4> <dl> <span>

  9. True or False: Every opening tag in XHTML must have a closing tag.

directory structure The following questions all refer to the image at the right which shows the file structure for a web site.

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