Practice Lists

Read everything before doing anything!

The object of this practice is to use lists, attributes, and character entities in HTML.

Copy and paste this HTML into the <body> of your template file, and then save it as list_practice.html

The <title> of your file should be Food Appliances, Inc.

<!-- Put these headings in a group, right-aligned -->
<h1>Food Appliances, Inc.</h1>
<h2>We Make Making Food Easy</h2>

<h3>About Our Products</h3>
People all over the world have found that our products help them get
food to the table more conveniently. 

  in this sentence, make "CEE" a <dfn>
  with the title "Cook, Eat, Enjoy",
  and replace (TM) with the trademark symbol
The product line is coordinated so that every product becomes part of
our CEE(TM) system.

As of January 2014, here are our top-selling products, in order of dollar volume.

  Make this an ordered list.
  The sub-list will have lower-case roman numerals.
  Make the double quotes typographically correct.
  In "A la Francaise," the A has a back accent `,
    and the lower case C has a cedilla under it. (hint: ccedil)

"A la Francaise" Bread Maker
Never-Stick Cookware
  Frying Pans
  Cookie Sheets
All-Round Bagel Slicer
Ultra Can Opener 

<h3>About Our Company</h3>
Food Appliances, Inc. is divided into the following divisions.

  This is an unordered list, with square bullets
  at the main level and solid discs at the sub-level

Sales and Marketing
Customer Support
Research & Development

Our company is based upon these principles:

<!-- This will be a definition list -->
  We make the best, longest-lasting products of their kind.
  Though we may never have the lowest price, our products always give
  the best value for the money.
  We are always there for our customers. We want to be the brand our
  customers recommend to their friends and family.
  <!-- the word "the" should be emphasized in the preceding sentence -->

After Your Markup is Finished

Use the validator at to make sure that your HTML document is valid HTML5.