Web Design Resources

Here are links to sites with useful information and resources for web designers.

Web Pages that Suck

Learn good design by looking at bad design.

Articles from the Nielsen-Norman Group

Bi-weekly essays on web usability, some of them by Jakob Nielsen, who is probably the foremost authority on the subject.

Cool Home Pages

Get inspiration for web page design here.

Open Source Web Design

“[A] site to download free web design templates and share yours with others.”

A List Apart

Online magazine for people who make websites.

Jeffrey Zeldman’s Home Page

What’s on the mind of one of the top web designers around.


A large collection of stock photos, many of them free

Other Sites

These sites aren’t web-oriented, but I like them a lot.


Your daily dose of inspiration (in French)

Scott McCloud’s site

From his site: “I'm either comics' leading theorist or a deranged lunatic.” Often has links to really great web comics.


Really neat interactive graphics written in a programming language called Processing.


Thanks to R. Mendez for a link to the following site.

How to Make a Website
Covers building a web site without having to learn HTML (which is what this course is all about), so use this for informational purposes only, please!