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Evergreen Valley College - CIT 041X - Introduction to XML

J. David Eisenberg ( Phone: 274-7900 x6577
Office Hours (Room R3-323):
4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m. Monday, Thursday
10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Thursday
General Information
3 Units | CR Prerequisite: CIT040 | Corequisite: CIT200
Class Description
An introduction to the XML notation and XML tools. We’ll be working with established markup languages (XML applications) as well as markup languages of our own invention.
This class has a lecture and lab section. The instructor will be present to assist you during the lab. You may work on assignments in the lab or use your own computers. Lab attendance is an excellent opportunity for personal instruction. In order to complete assignments, you may also need to work on them outside the scheduled laboratory periods.
You will be assigned several programming projects ranging from light to moderate complexity. For each assignment, you will email the solution to Your files must be named with your last name, first name, and assignment number. Thus, the XML file for assignment three from Fred Bloggs might be named bloggs_fred_3.xml. Do not put blanks or capital letters in your file names. A file named prog3.xml will not be accepted. Assignments will be graded on functionality, organization, and readability.
You will have one midterm project, one midterm test, and one final; there may be pop quizzes as well. You may use the book and your class notes on these tests. The comprehensive final exam will be on the last day of class, 20 Dec 2007. It covers topics that include, but are not limited to: validating XML, creating Relax NG schema fragments, determining the value of XPath expressions and XSLT transformations, and writing XPath expressions and XSLT transformations.
The work on the tests and assignments will be weighted and combined to calculate your final grade as follows:
Final Exam:20%
90% and aboveA
Less than 60%F

You are required to attend classes. If you decide to drop the class, it is your responsibility to do so. Five absences may cause you to be dropped - please notify the instructor if you have any extenuating circumstances. If you know of an absence in advance, please send me an email. As of the printing of this green sheet, the deadline dates for dropping a class without a “W” are 28 September (in person) and 29 September (WebReg or StaReg). The deadline dates for dropping a class with a “W” are 21 November (in person) and 24 November (WebReg or StaReg).

If you are late to a class session, you will miss the material presented before you arrived.


Assignments are to be submitted prior to the end of the class lab period on the date due. If turned in late, you will receive reduced credit; one letter grade per class session late up to two sessions late. Missed tests or labs will receive zero credit. The final exam is required. Discussion about assignments is encouraged, but you must each do your own work. Cheating and plagiarism will be met with an F in the course. See the EVC catalog for details on the College Honesty Policy as well as student disciplinary and grievance procedures (pages 166-169).

If you receive services from DSP or have a disability for which you need special accommodations, please let me know as soon as possible.

When in the computer lab, please do not eat. (crumbs + keyboard = bad) For your safety, do not drink in the lab. (water + electricty = bad)

Required Text
XML for the World Wide Web, Elizabeth Castro (Peachpit Press) ISBN 0-201-71098-6
Recommended Resource
XML in a Nutshell (2nd ed.), Elliotte Rusty Harold & W. Scott Means (O'Reilly & Associates) ISBN 0-596-00292-0

Course Outline

Note: the pace at which we will cover these subjects may deviate from this printed schedule. Your mileage may vary.

Session Subject Book Assignment Due

6 Sep 07

XML Fundamentals
Review of HTML, History of XML, well-formedness rules

Chapter 1

13 Sep 07

Displaying XML
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Chapter 13
Chapter 15


20 Sep 07

Advanced Style Sheets

Chapter 14

27 Sep 07

Validating XML
Introduction to Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

Chapter 2


4 Oct 07

Validating XML (continued)
Advanced DTDs; beginning Relax NG

Chapters 3,4
Online notes

11 Oct 07

Validating XML (continued)
Datatypes and Regular Expressions with Relax NG

Online notes


18 Oct 07


Online notes

25 Oct 07


1 Nov 07


Chapter 11

Relax NG

8 Nov 07

XSLT (continued)

Online notes

Basic XSLT

15 Nov 07

XSLT (continued)
Converting XML to XHTML

Chapter 12

22 Nov 07

Thanksgiving Holiday

29 Nov 07

XSLT (continued)

Online notes

Advanced XSLT

6 Dec 07

XSLT (continued)

Online notes

13 Dec 07


Online notes

XSL Formatting Objects

20 Dec 07