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Final Exam Review

Here are things to know for the final:

  1. Putting multiple shell commands on one line
  2. Redirecting standard input, standard output, and standard error
  3. Piping the output of one command to another command’s input
  4. Changing permissions of a file for the user, group, and other
  5. Setting the primary and secondary user prompts
  6. Creating and deleting aliases
  7. Writing shell comments
  8. Shell wildcards
  9. Running programs in the background, both with the bg command and by adding a special shell character to a command.
  10. Finding the characteristics of the history (file name, history file size, etc.)
  11. Using the ! command to re-execute commands from the history
  12. Modifying (substituting) parts of a command brought back from history
  13. Declaring and using shell variables
  14. Using the pushd and popd commands
  15. Reading a bash script and determining what it will do; know about file tests, for, if, else, and elif