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Midterm 1 Review

Here are things to know for the first midterm:

  1. Commands for finding out about the system and where you are in the system (such as pwd, who, hostname, etc.)

  2. How to find out what is in a file by displaying its contents with cat, and how to find out what kind of a file you are working with without having to use cat.

  3. What makes a file a “hidden file” in Linux? How can you list all the files in a directory, including the hidden files?

  4. How do you rename a file or copy a file? How can you do these operations without accidentally overwriting an existing file?

  5. Make a compressed tar-gzip or tar-bzip2 file.

  6. List a file or files, showing its permissions, file size, etc.

  7. Using the chmod command in symbolic mode. For example, I might tell you to use symbolic mode to set permissions for the owner of file xyz to read and execute:

    chmod u=rx xyz
  8. And I might ask you to do a similar task with numeric parameters to chmod, setting file xyz to read and execute for the owner, read only for group, and execute only for anyone else:

    chmod 541 xyz
  9. Create symbolic and hard links

  10. file structure

    Given a directory structure like the one shown here, with your home directory as /home/student, be able to do things like: