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Assignment: Log Files

Log Files

The server we are using, which runs Ubuntu PCLinuxOS, uses the logrotate program (section 10.3 in the book). Using information from the /etc/logrotate.conf file and files in the /etc/logrotate.d directory, answer these questions. Copy the question and your answer into a plain ASCII text file, using the editor of your choice).

  1. How often are the apache log files rotated?
  2. How many periodic files does apache keep? (The name of the Apache daemon is httpd)
  3. Apache uses the delaycompress option. Why does it need to do this? (See the man page and put it in your own words.)
  4. Are MySQL server log files compressed or not?
  5. Will empty log files for aptitude (the Ubuntu package manager) be rotated?


Give the commands you would need in /etc/syslog.conf in order to do the following:

When You Finish

Name your text file in the form lastname_firstname_log.txt and email it to the instructor.