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CIT 054–Fall 2014–Evergreen Valley College

J. David Eisenberg ( Phone: 274-7900 x6577
Office Hours (Room R3-323):
4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
1:30 p.m.–2:30 p.m. Wednesday
General Information
3 Units | CR | Prerequisite: CIT050
Course Description

This course includes review of basic UNIX commands, bringing up/shutting down the system and monitoring processes using administration tools, mounting and unmounting the file systems, adding and removing users from the system, backing up and restoring the file system. Students learn to utilize UNIX tools to administer user accounts and groups and administer devices, printers and networking services. Also included is planning, setting up and administering Linux installation, use of Shell programming, UNIX tools to administer hardware, and troubleshooting file access problems.

Upon course completion, the student will be able to:
  1. Install and configure a Linux system
  2. Bring up / shut down the system
  3. Mount / unmount devices
  4. Add / remove users from the system
  5. Administer devices, printers, and the UNIX file system
  6. Install / remove software applications and packages
  7. Recognize and troubleshoot file access problems
  8. Become familiar with a network file system at an introductory level
  9. Write and debug shell scripts

This is an Internet class with regularly scheduled group discussions and open lab hours. The instructor will be present to assist you during the group discussions and the scheduled lab hours, but you may come any time the labs are open. You may work on assignments in the lab or use your own computers. Midterms and the final must be taken during the scheduled times.

As part of your participation, you will be asked to answer questions in a question and answer forum in the online course management system.

Required Text
Unix® and Linux® System Administration Handbook, Fourth Edition; Nemeth, Snyder, Hein, and Whaley; Prentice Hall; ISBN-13 978-0-13-148005-6

You will be assigned exercises ranging from light to moderate complexity. For each assignment, you will print the solution or email a file to the instructor. Do not put blanks in your file names. If you email files, send them as plain text only.


You will have two midterm tests and one final exam, which must be taken on campus on 17 Dec 2014 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. (If you cannot be on campus at that time, please make arrangements with the instructor.) This is a comprehensive final which covers all the topics in the course. You may use the book, your class notes, and man pages on these tests.

The work on the tests and exercises will be weighted and combined to calculate your final grade as follows:
Online participation: 10%
Lab Assignments: 50%
Midterms: 20%
Final Exam: 20%
90% and above A
80% B
70% C
60% D
Less than 60% F

As this is in an Internet course, there is no compulsory attendance, except that you must take exams on campus. You are strongly encouraged to attend on-campus group discussions, and you may do lab work on campus if you wish. If you decide to drop the class, it is your responsibility to do so. If you miss more than five assignments, the instructor may drop you from the course. Save the printed drop confirmation! You may need it to confirm that you dropped the course, or you will receive a failing grade. The deadline dates for dropping a class with or without a “W” are in the Evergreen Valley College schedule.


Exercises are to be submitted prior to midnight on the date due. If turned in late, you will receive reduced credit; one letter grade per class session late up to two sessions late. Missed tests or exercises will receive zero credit. The final exam is required. Discussion about assignments is encouraged, but you must each do your own work. Cheating and plagiarism will be met with an F on the assignment. See the EVC catalog for details on the College Honesty Policy as well as student disciplinary and grievance procedures.

If you have learning or physical needs that require special accommodations, please let an instructor know as soon as possible.

Course Outline

Note: the pace at which we will cover these subjects may deviate from this printed schedule. Your mileage may vary.

The dates here correspond to the group discussion days (Wednesday) for the Internet-based course.

Session Subject Book Assignment Due

3 Sep 2014

Where to Start
Booting and Shutting Down

Chapter 1
Chapter 3.1-3.4

10 Sep 2014


Chapter 4

Booting the System

17 Sep 2014

Startup scripts

Chapter 3.4-3.5

Superuser: su

24 Sep 2014

Controlling processes

Chapter 5.1-5.9

Startup Scripts

1 Oct 2014

Midterm 1

8 Oct 2014

The Filesystem

Chapter 6.1-6.5


15 Oct 2014

Adding New Users

Chapter 7.1-7.8

The Filesystem

22 Oct 2014

Adding a disk

Chapter 8.1, 8.9

Adding Users

29 Oct 2014

Periodic Processes

Chapter 9

Adding Disks

5 Nov 2014

Midterm 2

12 Nov 2014

Log Files

Chapter 11

Periodic Processes

19 Nov 2014

26 Nov 2014

Thanksgiving - no class session

3 Dec 2014

Network File System

Chapter 18

Log Files

10 Dec 2014

Network File System

17 Dec 2014

Final Exam