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PSYCH 018–Fall 2015–Evergreen Valley College

J David Eisenberg

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Class Outline and Policies

I have created a spreadsheet in format and in Excel format which shows what your grades would be; just enter your current scores and what you hope to get on the remaining assignments into column B, and the spreadsheet will calculate your grade.

Psychological Research on the Net

Miscellaneous Links


ASSIGNMENT: Paraphrasing
EXAMPLE: See a partial paraphrase of this article
Due date 10 Sep 2015
Design an Experiment
Working forwards vs. Working backwards
Begin planning 10 Sep 2015
Due date 1 Oct 2015
Presentation/Statistics In class 17 Sep 2015
Assignment: Writing References
Practice (OpenDocument format)
Practice (Word format)
Practice completed (OpenDocument)
Hints about writing citations and references (OpenDocument)
Hints about writing citations and references(Word Format)
Start work 22 Sep 2015
Due date 1 Oct 2015
Observation Lab
In class 1 Oct 2015
Difference statistics assignment
Lecture notes about t tests (ZIP file)
Practice Exercises
Practice Exercises APA format answers
Practice in class 15 Oct
t-statistic lab (Extra credit) Start work 15 Oct 2015
Due Date 29 Oct 2015
χ2 statistic assignment
Example of APA format for χ2
Another example

22 Oct 2015
Survey Lab In class 12 Nov 2015

Research Projects

Observation Research
See sample papers
Sample presentation slides
Sample presentation notes
Begin Planning 1 Oct 2015
Topic Approval 13 Oct 2015
Peer Review 22 Oct 2015
Presentation/Due Date 5 Nov 2015 (paper)
Survey Research
These dates are very unlikely to change!

Example of writing up survey statistic results

Begin Planning 10 Nov 2015
Topic Approval 17 Nov 2015
Questionnaire Review 1 Dec 2015
Peer Review 8 Dec 2015
Presentation--Due Date 15, 17 Dec 2015