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χ2 Assignment

For each of the following scenarios, use the chi-squared calculator to calculate the χ2 statistic, and report the result in APA style.

Scenario 1

Males and females were observed outdoors on a day where the temperature was 14 °C (58 °F) to see who wore short sleeves and who wore long sleeves. Is there a significant difference between the genders?

Short Sleeves116
Long Sleeves1014

Scenario 2

People were asked if they were conservative, liberal, or neutral in their political leanings. Is there a significant difference between genders?

Conservative Liberal Neutral
Male 12 29 17
Female 3 5 41

Scenario 3

People were asked about their paper recycling habits. Are there significant differences based on age?

Age Recycles Paper

When You Finish

Name your file in the form chi_squared####.docx (or .odt if you are using LibreOffice), where #### is your four-digit number. Then upload the file to Moodle.