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Design an Experiment

Read everything before doing anything!

Select an area of psychology that interests you, and design an experiment to test a hypothesis that will support a theory from that area. Your job is to write the abstract, introduction, method, and references sections for the experiment in APA style. (Of course, since you won’t be doing the experiment, your abstract won’t summarize the results, and there will be no results section.)

Although this is just the design phase, it is not a wild west free-for-all. Here are your guidelines.

Some hints:

When You Finish

Name the file in the form designnnnn; the word processor will add the correct extension (.doc, .docx, or .odt) for you. Upload the file to Moodle. The filename must be all lowercase, and may not contain blanks.

Grading the Assignment

I will be using this rubric as a guide to grading your assignment.

Some Examples

Here are some examples from previous semesters (when the assignment was called “Imaginary Experiment”). Some of them are good, and some aren’t. You should be able to tell which ones are which by reading them. Note: some were written with an older version of the APA format. Always use the current APA Manual to determine the correct format.

This one: imaginary2202.pdf is not an experiment! Do you know why?

1 At the very least, experiments must not be dangerous or illegal. An experiment such as “Effect of snorting cocaine on accuracy of motion tracking” would be ethically problematic at best. If this has gotten you thinking of absurdly unethical experiments, go ahead and think about them now and get it out of your system.