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Paraphrase Assignment

Read everything before doing anything!

The object of this assignment is to paraphrase a psychological study. The study is online at URL

Read the study, and then write a summary of the article that would be appropriate for a general audience. Write it as though it were going to appear in a beginning psychology book. The double-spaced document should be two to three pages, not including the title page. The title page must be in APA style. Instead of your name, please put your class identifier number. Use the following as your title: Remember that the running head is in all capital letters, but the title is capitalized as shown here:

Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Summary)

Use the following as the running head for the header on pages 1 and 2. Remember that the running head is in all capital letters.


Since this is not a research paper, you may summarize previous research covered in the authors’ introduction without giving secondary source citations for that research. Your summary will have a reference section that includes a reference to the original article, in APA style.

Wiseman, R., Watt, C., ten Brinke, L., Porter, S., Couper, S.-L., & Rankin, C. (2012). The eyes don’t have it: Lie detection and neuro-linguistic programming. PLoS ONE, 7(7), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0040259

If you wish to use the official APA format when referring to Wiseman and his co-researchers, use constructions like the following. If you are not quoting the article directly:

Wiseman et al. (2012) found out that...

According to Wiseman et. al (2012), ...

If you are using a direct quote (word-for-word), you must enclose it in double quotes and give a citation:

“ The experimenters were blind to whether the clip being rated was the truth or a lie” (Wiseman et al., 2012).

Remember, you are summarizing and paraphrasing. Plagiarism, of course, is the kiss of death, rewarding you with an instant zero on the assignment.

An Example

This is a different research paper that I paraphrased. In order to do this, I first took some notes on the article. Ordinarily I would take notes with pen and paper, but I needed to have something I could put on the web site. After I took the notes, I put the original aside and worked mainly from the notes, referring back to the original only if I needed additional detail. Here is the resulting paraphrase.

You will also want to read this handout about summarizing articles.

When You Finish

Name the file in the form paraphrasennnn.docx (if Microsoft Word format), or paraphrasennnn.odt (if OpenDocument text), where nnnn is your code number. Upload the file to Moodle. The filename must be all lowercase, and may not contain blanks.

Grading the Assignment

I will be using this rubric as a guide to grading your assignment.