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Writing: References

This document contains part of an introduction to a research paper (also available in Microsoft Word®™© format). It has places where citations must be inserted. You must also complete the reference section (there is one placeholder item already there; you may delete it). This document contains the references that you will use to create the research paper fragment. (in Microsoft Word format) Most of the sources are real; a couple of them are made up.

The files are in LibreOffice format. It is a free download.

Do not change any of the wording in the introduction, just add the citations in APA format where indicated by [SOURCE X]

When You Finish

Change the header of the page to include your Psych 018 ID number, name the file in the form citations_nnnn.odt, or citations_nnnn.docx if you are using Microsoft word, where nnnn is your Psych 018 ID number. Upload your finished document to Moodle.